What to Know Prior to Applying for a Student Permit in the US

March 15, 2017

For foreigners who hope to move to the United States on the grounds of education, they will have discovered that, although the process of applying for a permit can be pretty long, it can be a stress-free process.

In the previous year gone, the number of student permit given out by the United States to foreigners of various nationalities has increased significantly.

To facilitate the student, permit in the United States, you first must have been granted admission to a college or university in the country for the course you intend to study in the country. You will also be issued a document from the college you had applied known as an I-20 form. It is used for applying for the United States F1 permit. 

If, however, you are given a DS 2019 form, it is for applying for the J-1 visa. The university must be confirmed by the United States citizenship and naturalization service made for the admission of foreign students.

The following step is for the processing of the study permit. This entails securing the schedule for a permit interviews and pay the fees associated. The laws that guide the student license have to be reviewed, and now, study permits can be granted four months before the date stated in the i-20 form. All the previous forms of application that were handed out for the processing of non-migrant student permit in the United States have been superseded by the DS-160 form. This form is to be filled online by intending applicants who wish to move to the United States for their education.

We advise that you submit your application so your study permits can be processed at least three months before your intended date of travel to the United States.

That would provide you ample time to appeal a refusal of entry at the United States embassy should there arise any case of delay. For the processing of your permits to study in the United States to be a success, you should be able to provide proof of adequate funds necessary to sustain you during your stay in the country and all through your years of study in the United States.

You also must present a strong case for your permit to be accepted if you happen to be sponsored by your family, your office of some non-governmental organization scheme in your home country.

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