World Bank affirms Australia's initiative to grant working holiday visa to Fiji

May 10, 2014

working holiday visa to Fiji

The World Bank has gladly affirmed the announcement by the Australian government to grant a working holiday visa to Fiji. A world bank labour migration specialist has also stated that the announcement and the proposition of the Australian government is actually beneficial for Australia. He stated that this is so as it has a good impact on per capita household income for Australia. He said that the aforesaid has been made evident through the help of some studies done by the World Bank, earlier.

The specialist also stated that even though, as of now, jobs are on offer to the Fijians, only in the sectors of agriculture and horticulture, the government of Australia is seeking to expand the scheme of the program to include Tourism also.

The announcement for the program was made by the Australian government when Senator Brett Mason, Australia’s Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Foreign Affairs, went to Fiji last month. Also, it is a mutual arrangement, which is not like the scheme for workers who work only during some seasons,and  which allows Fijians to work in Australia for three months while on a holidaying or vice versa.

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