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Pro active Narendra modi and e-visas for foreign nationals raises tourists in India July 07, 2015
Tourist arrivals significantly raised in India

Since the Narendra Modi government come to power, there seems to have fresh growth taking place in tourism sector.After Narendra Modi becoming a more of brand ambassador to India with his frequent foreign trips even some of them are the first ever trips by an Indian prime minister had renewed the fresh tourist inflow...

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Vietnam to consider more visa waiver to attract tourists July 06, 2015
Vietnam considers more options to lift tourism

With the international arrivals percentage fallen for thirteen months in a row, it is only 3.8 million foreigners visited in the first half of this year, an 11.3 percentage drop from the same period since last year.Vietnam is considering more visa waivers to some countries in order to resurrect its ailing tourism sec...

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UAE one of the top destination in the world as per Global Residence Program Index (GRPI) July 03, 2015
UAE makes 15th rank in Global Residence Program Index (GRPI) list

As per the latest Global Residence Program Index (GRPI) byHenley & Partners, Portugal ranked number one among the top destinations out of the reviewed nineteen residence programs.So, no wonder, even UAE does not provide citizenship to foreign citizens, It still makes one of the top destination drawing people ...

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For BRICS Entrepreneurs, India to force for Multiple Entry Business Visas July 03, 2015
India to pressurize for the multiple entry business visa for Entrepreneurs of BRICS

India has been hoping with the South Africa’s support to pressurize for a proposal at BRICS summit in Russia which would be held on the ninth of July for the Entrepreneurs Special Multiple Entry Business Visas from the five states which are constituent for the travel to be made easy among the nations which are gr...

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South korea putoff visa fee, to boost tourism July 02, 2015
South Korea calls off visa fee amid MERS breakdown

Amid the fears of MERS outbreak in South Korea, with the tourist number dipping down in the recent months. On 1st july 2015 i.e Wednesday, Southkorea announced, it will waive the visa fees for those visitors coming from china and southeast Asia, in an rejuvenate the tourist visitors from these countries.Since the Mid...

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For some of the countries, Vietnam waives visas June 30, 2015
Visas waived for some nations by Vietnam

The decision of Vietnam to axe the restrictions of visa on the five countries of Europe has been expected to be extended to help the industry of tourism which was punished by military standoff with china and a pointed decline in the economy of Russia. The move underscored desire of Hanoi to compete along with the esta...

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During 2013-2014 Indians beat Chinese to become the top immigrants to Australia June 19, 2015
Indians beat Chinese during 2013-2014 to become the top Australian migrants

Australia might be the next place of an active dispersal on the USA, UK, and Canada with rising figure from here selecting the nation down through the figures of migration showing that Indians beat the Chinese in order to become the figure one in the category of migrants during 2013-2014.During 2013-2014, migrants ov...

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Visa rules to be eased by Vietnam June 16, 2015
Visa rules to be made easy by Vietnam

Vietnam is to ease the regulations of visa after the pressure from representative bodies and the airline operators.The prime minister of Vietnam Nguyen Tan Dung has agreed to the latest rules on the applications of visa from the selected destinations such as Australasian and European.Presently, the passengers arriving ...

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