Canada Impresses as A Fine Country for Immigration as per A Study

November 30, 2019
The Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index has a task of ranking the nations and in it, Canada was a leading country for immigration. In it, there are ranks for 50, nations and Canada was also selected as the best destination for investment.

Canada Impresses as A Fine Country for Immigration as per A Study

Making Great Progress

Additionally, the overall ranking gave Canada the third place was, which is an improvement of five places than in 2018. In the first place was France, followed by Germany. This ranking was arrived on after contacting 20,035 online respondents and these participants had an age above 18 years belonging to 20 countries. Canada was at the top in three of the six categories - of immigration and investment, governance and people. Canada also improved its place in governance, tourism and culture categories.

Furthermore also for the second year consecutively Canada was the first rank for immigration as well as investment. It was selected so based on the power of attracting people globally for living, working and studying. There was a consideration for the quality of life as well as the business environment in Canada in the ranking.

The Methodology of the Study

For awarding the score on immigration and investment the basis are five composite attributes mentioned as under:

• Working and living

• Educational qualifications,

• Quality of life,

• Investments in business

• Equality in society

In the study the participants were queried to give attributes of personality traits to the countries. 

• Hence 39 percent of participants regarded Canada as friendly, 

• 30 percent found it trustworthy,

• 29 percent thought it to be happy

• 19 percent felt it as generous

The force behind the study was conducted by GfK Social and Strategic Research. The collected data based on online interviews were weighed as per major demographic characteristics like gender, age, and education of 2018 online population in a country. It used the race and ethnicity for balancing the samples in the UK, USA, India, South Africa, and Brazil based on the fieldwork in July 2018.

Composition of Nations

The Fifty nations were in Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, the Caribbean Latin America, Middle East and Africa for the study.

Canada offers great career opportunities and by immigration, the people can have an improved life.

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