India to exempt visa fees to LDCs at WTO conference

February 09, 2015
India to waive visa fees for LDCs in coming years

The Indian government has newly rolled a red carpet for least developing countries by exempting of visa charges, offering technical support and by granting market admittance.

These new proposals were made at the World Trade Organization’s high-level meeting to aid the LDCs. Among other major dispensations and proposals, India has put forth its plan of waiving of visa fees for individuals who apply for Indian employment and business from least developed countries. 

Onerous visa levies that are being charged for the service providers of LDCs is the biggest obstruction that is being faced by them. Previously, the application fees for resident, visas, work permits and for the licenses that is being charged for least developed nationals is tantamount to that of the one month salary of their families. Thus, they have planned to reduce their charges, says the Minister for industry, trade and Cooperatives of Uganda, Anne Kyambadde.

Few of the other proposals that the Indian government is planning to put forward for poor nations are, technical assistance, capacity building and market access. Apart from the aforesaid services the Indian  government will also provide other major services such as management consulting services, engineering, integrated engineering, hotel and lodging, tour operator, computer related, project management and tour agency services which all come under GATS ( General Agreement and Trade in Services). 

As a major obligation of promoting the tourism market of India, every year the country’s government will have at least one least developed country as a partner nation for the IITF (India International Trade Fair), says Aparr.

Few of the countries who have accepted the proposals made by the Indian government in capacity building and technical support are China, Japan, Switzerland, Australia, and Canada, EU and Norway and other 25 nations.

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