UK Home Office announced changes in the immigration rules

November 03, 2015
There was some good news coming from the UK, as the Home Office has announced the changes to its immigration rule HC535 on the 29th of October 2015. Home Secretary Theresa is not running out of her ideas on changing the immigration. This has brought some respite for some categories of the migrants. The changes in the immigration will come into effect from this month 19th November.

The changes made to the rule HC 395 have added the nurses and the technology related jobs to the list of short occupation.  The adding up of nurses to the list of shortage occupation is the important step taken by the government of the UK, realizing that It requires to get more nurses from the abroad for boosting the National Health Service (NHS).  This move would see many hospitals all over the nation goes on a huge recruitment drive for bringing the nurses from outside of the UK.

Good news as the UK Home Office announced changes in the immigration rules

The rules are based on the points so that the applicant had to score the certain number of points for their application of the visa to be victorious. The application is even subject to get refused with the applicant’s silly mistake of failing to tick the box in the form for application. It is very important that the application would be correct. If the application is refused then, the fees are not refunded.

It is very much likely that the list of shortage occupations would be visited again, and the nurses could be removed from it after the satisfaction by government of having got enough numbers for the UK NHS. The changes made are not necessarily important that they stay permanently.

While applying for residing in the UK, the applicant is needed to demonstrate that they got enough knowledge of the English Language and life in the UK.  It is being done by taking and passing out the approved English Language Test and Life in the UK test. The changes made in this area is that now the applicants would require to take the Secure English Language Test.

The other change is the introduction of 35,000 pounds of minimum earnings threshold for the Tier 2 settlement applications.  It means that now the Tier 2 migrants would require to earn a minimum of 35,000 pounds for qualifying for residing in the UK for indefinite period.

The information on the changes are also available on the UK government official website. One can take a look at the statement of changes.

The Home Office has moved ahead with the plans for making the Landlords their actual immigration officers. The Home Office had previously announced on 20th October 2015, that the landlords would have the duty to carry out the immigration checking on their tenants.  Breaking this rule would attract a fine for up to 3000 pounds under the Immigration Act.

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