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France to issue Biometric Long term visas to Indians October 28, 2015
France to issue Biometric long term visas from 2nd November

In facilitating easy travel throughout the Europe including the Schengen region and assisting in issuing visas for long term, France will issuing the biometric visas to the citizen of India from 2nd November 2015.According to the inputs from the French Consulate, the Embassy of France in India will be granting many or ...

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Immigration crackdown would hurt technology startups of the UK October 28, 2015
Immigration crackdown will hurt technology startups of the UK

UK government’s migration advisory committee (MAC) is consulting on the ways for tightening the rules of the entrepreneur visa, it is the visa which allows foreign citizens to visit UK for starting their business and Tier 2 skilled work visas that are used by many technology start-up firms for bringing the IT and eng...

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Education opportunities in UK will not be cheaper as before October 28, 2015
Education opportunities in UK will not be cheaper as before

It’s no more a cheaper affair for the foreign students to pursue education in the UK. A foreign student who seeks to apply for the Tier 4 visa is required to show enough funds for their education fees as well as their living cost. The cost of living has also increased by 24%. Until a student has a job in his/her ha...

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UK's New Tech visa Scheme will support Northern Powerhouse October 27, 2015
UK's New Tech visa Scheme will support Northern Powerhouse

UK’s Government body Tech City UK had made many changes to their visa scheme for top technology talent including the measures taken for enabling the team hiring and supporting the Northern Powerhouse.Northern Powerhouse is the proposal made by the Coalition and the Conservative government in the UK for boosting the...

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UK extends visitor visas to two years for Chinese citizens October 26, 2015
UK will be extending visitor visas to two years for China

The UK government will be extending the multiple entry visas for the visitors from China to the period of two years from currently six months.According to the news agency report, the fee for application of the visitor is around USD130. It is also looking for extension of the visa to 10 year period in the coming futur...

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Large number of foreign nationals coming to work in UK's Stoke-on-Trent October 23, 2015
Huge increase in number of foreign nationals who comes to work in UK's Stoke-on-Trent

A huge number of overseas nationals is coming to work in North Staffordshire and that has been increased by 74% previous year.Around 3,605 migrant workers had also registered for the insurance in Stoke-on-Trent Newcastle region and Staffordshire Moorlands in the year up to the month of June. This was the massive incr...

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UK and China sign pacts in tourism, finance and entertainment October 23, 2015
UK and China sign agreement deals in tourism, finance and entertainment

Britain and China has signed business pacts that are worth multi-billion pounds during the Chinese President visit to the UK.According to the reports, the two sides have signed an investment agreement that will allow the French energy firm and the Chinese Nuclear firm to build Hinkley Point C plant in the Somerset. Bot...

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Taxpayers are paying wealthy foreigners to reside in the UK October 21, 2015
Taxpayers are paying rich foreigners to live in the UK

UK taxpayers are paying the wealthy foreigners for coming and living in the UK, due to the generosity of the system of the immigration. According to the government’s committee for independent migration advisory.The system of golden visa is allowing the rich investors, dominated mostly by the citizens from China and R...

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