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Encouraging immigration December 13, 2013
Encouraging immigration

For hundreds of years New Zealand has seen many migrants enter there beautiful country, in 1800 and for years after the main nationality of migrants were British, they travelled from either England, Scotland or Wales, the long trip took one hundred days and was often a very dangerous process, illness was rife, espe...

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New Zealand Crime Rates Low December 12, 2013
New Zealand Crime Rates Low

New Zealand is a relatively young country and is still finding its shape, the crime rate in New Zealand is extremely low. This is a brilliant attribute to have for any country, New Zealand are one of the lucky few which have this.Reports that have recently been published show the the crime rate in New Zealand has n...

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New Zealand Health Care System December 11, 2013
New Zealand Health Care System

New Zealand have an excellent health care system which is said to be the leader of the worlds. It is free to the citizens of New Zealand or very cheap if any costs are needed to be paid. There is private health care available in the country as well as many therapies and residential care institutes which cater for those...

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Migrant life in New Zealand December 11, 2013
Migrant life in New Zealand

New Zealand have so much to offer their citizens it is very easy to see why international citizens are migrating there for a better life and to taking advantage of their country and culture, more people each year migrate to New Zealand. Still a relatively young country it is still being shaped and migrants will shape i...

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New Zealands Goods & Bads December 11, 2013
New Zealands Goods & Bads

Like any country New Zealand is not perfect, it has its fair share of flaws and certain negative points maybe much worse than others, if choosing to migrate to New Zealand it is always a good idea to find out both the good and bad points and make a fully informed decision. What some may class as a bad point may hav...

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Differences between a Migrant and a Refugee December 10, 2013
Differences between a Migrant and a Refugee

New Zealand are part of the 1951 convention and the 1957 protocol that relates refugees. Each year the government of New Zealand has a quota of 750 refugees, they also have over three hundred people under the refugee support act. Many refugees apply for refugee status and are assessed accordingly, if they are decline...

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New Zealand Border Control December 10, 2013
New Zealand Border Control

New Zealand is an amazing country, it is easy to see why people from all over the world travel to this country and then decide they want to stay more permanently. New Zealand has so much to offer international citizens, from better career opportunities and education, also a better quality of live, with vast countryside...

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Further information on Working Holiday Visa for NZ December 07, 2013
Further information on Working Holiday Visa for NZ

There are many visas available in New Zealand, each one is for different planned visits to the country and so each has very different criteria and restrictions on them, a popular visa for young people to choose is the working holiday visa. A visa designed primarily for a holiday. Working is a side of the holiday ...

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