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Thailand to introduce six months Tourist visa with Multiple Entry September 23, 2015
Thai immigration to introduce Tourist visa with Multiple Entry valid for six months

Foreign Affairs ministry in Thailand has announced officially that they are going to offer tourist visa with multiple entry (METV) which would be valid for six months from 13th November.Thailand has decided to grant visas with multiple- entry to the visitors, facilitating the community from ASEAN countries who approach...

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India decides to reduce fees for E-Tourist Visa September 22, 2015
India has decided to reduce the E-Tourist Visa fees

Government of India has decided to decrease the e- tourist visa fees for its foreign tourists who arrive under the e-tourist visa scheme, which is highly successful and has facilitated 900 percent increase in arrivals of tourists.The e-tourist visa facility is extended to 113 countries, and its fee is USD 60. However m...

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Leading Chinese firms partners for EB-5 investment visa program September 18, 2015
Chinese firms form partnership to promote EB-5 property investment visa program

Two leading Chinese firms has got into a partnership for promoting EB-5 investment visa program.The companies will be engaged in doing the marketing of the projects related to real estate development, which got approval for the participating in the EB-5 program and examined by the Consulting group. Almost 90% of the ap...

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Japan to consider immigration to foreign unskilled workers amid labour shortage September 16, 2015
Japan to consider immigration to unskilled workers amid amid labour shortage

Ministry for Justice in Japan have accumulated an immigration plan for long term basis that is suggesting that the country is required to expands its intake for skilled, specialized and also unskilled foreign workers.Against a condition of alarming situation of labour shortages fine tuned by the decline in population a...

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India to propose visa free trips to 15 countries September 16, 2015
India proposes visa free travel to 15 countries

India is aiming on proposing a system of visa-free travel, allowing visa free business tour to 15 nations under the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) agreement for free trade with the efforts being made to boost the regional business ties.The Commerce Department is planning to put its idea to the membe...

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Crackdown on visa holders launched by Thai Immigration September 15, 2015
Thailand immigration launches new crackdown on visa holders

According to the Thailand Immigration Officer who is based at Chaeng Wattana confirms that the foreign entries of 15/30 day visa exempt renewals are not allowed.According to the sources, this crackdown is not new and said that foreigners with 15/30-day visa exempt renewals are not allowed to reside in Thailand.If any...

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Pact on exemption of categories of Indian from immigration checking by India and US September 15, 2015
India, US works on pact exempting immigration checks for certain Indian categories

Both countries are working on a deal that will allow exempting a category of Indians from immigration checking in the US. Some of those are like Prime Minister, former Presidents, higher dignitaries, industrialists and few film stars.A meeting was held recently by the top officials from immigration department of both t...

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India records 700% growth in e-Visa arrivals last month September 11, 2015
700 percent growth recorded in last month's E-visa arrivals in India

As many as 22, 286 foreign tourists arrived in India on E – tourist visa in last month, this is much higher when compared to last year’s August month figures that stood at 2,705. There has been a growth of 723.9 percent.Foreign nationals coming from 113 countries that arrive at 16 airports across the nation can a...

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