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Australia have plans to fuel academic ties with India: Australian Foreign Minister April 15, 2015
Australia intends to boost academic ties with India

The Foreign Minister of Australia, Julie Bishop stated that Indians formed the second largest chunk of overseas students.Bishop added that they are looking forward to boost the cooperation between both the nations in terms of education. They also have plans to increase student-exchange programs between both the nations...

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Australians most flexible approach to meet the requirement of the English language April 15, 2015
More flexible English Language Test for Australian 457 Visa

The Australian government has made few amendments in English language test of 457 visa category of the country. As per the new changes made by the existing government of the country, all the prospective individuals applying for Australia’s 457 visa programme need to demonstrate their English language proficiency. Thi...

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Australia to provide three-year multiple entry visas for Chinese tourists April 13, 2015
Chinese tourists to enjoy Australias three year multiple entry visa

In an effect to bolster the country’s economy Australian government has all set to proffer a three-year multiple entry visas for Chinese tourists. The new option grabs the attention of more number of Chinese travelers, said the concerned representatives. It is a known fact that United States proffered a ten-year mult...

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Australia to extend three-year visas for Chinese travelers April 11, 2015
Visitors from China benefit from three year Australian visas

Australia is going to offer a multiple entry visa for a period of three years for Chinese tourists in a bid to compete with neighboring countries like Indonesia and give a boost to the tourism sector. Even though the recent changes brought forth in the visa category are slated to align the Chinese visitors with their b...

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Australia Signs New Work and Holiday Visa Pact with Vietnam March 27, 2015
New Work and Holiday Visa Pact between Australia and Vietnam

Australia and Vietnam have reached a new work and holiday visa pact, which enables hundreds of young individuals to visit and work in both the nations.Notably, 200 Vietnamese and 200 Australians will be issued a visa so that they can experience their cultures via a new exchange program.The Immigration Minister, Peter D...

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Australia promulgates alterations to its skilled visa program March 19, 2015
457 visa to boost integrity and ensure Australia does justice for foreign workers

Australia announced replacements to its skilled visa program in a bid to ensure that the program was not misused but rather utilized for meeting the shortage in skills in the country. According to the Ministry of Immigration and Border Protection, the Australian government will act on the suggestions of a recently publ...

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Predictions indicate migrants will comprise smaller part of Australia's population March 17, 2015
Estimates show immigrants to consist of small percent of Australian population

The government of Australia is hoping that migrants coming to this country will consist of lesser part of the population in the forthcoming decades. Its Inter-Generational Report which is published in every five years gives a view of Australia in 2055, when the population will almost double and become 40 million from w...

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Immigration department to increase appointment based services March 10, 2015
Immigration department to launch more appointment-based services

In order to reduce the crowds at centers and improve efficiency, the immigration department is planning to increase appointment-based services.As of now, appointments are done for some transactions like applications of entry permit for overseas nationals. Entry permits are necessary for overseas nationals when they are...

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