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Immigration decline fears Australia economic growth August 10, 2015
Lower immigration could stunt Australia economic growth

The International travel figures that were released at during the same time of reserve bank of Australia quarterly report shows that the potential economy growth rate has been lessened due the slow pace of population growth.As the figures shows that a total of 45,060 travelers have arrived for a long term or the perm...

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Australian minister agrees to extension of business visa card August 01, 2015
Australian minister agrees to business visa card extension

A business travel card that allows the person with a multiple entry visa for short time stay in Australia and other Pacific countries has extended from three years to five years.The APEC business travel card (ABTC) was originally introduced by APEC countries in 1997 offers multiple entry short stay visa to the particip...

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Australia helps desks at airport for international students July 30, 2015
Australia helps desks at airport for international students

Around thousands of students arrive in Australia every year, arriving at the new country for the first time makes a student nervous and baffling. So, to aid the students coming to the country, Australia now introduces help desks at the airports.With the new international student help desk at Sydney airport, the arrival...

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Australia temporary work visa changes July 29, 2015
Temporary work visa changes in Australia

A slew of changes took place to obtain short-term visas for those seeking to work in Australia for the last six months. In addition to regular subclass 457 visa options for working on a temporary basis in Australia, the recent changes in Australia immigration, may now offer subclass 400 visa to be appropriate in some c...

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Australians protest on removing skill test mandatory for Chinese 457 visa applications July 28, 2015
Skill test for Chinese is not mandatory for 457 visa

On Monday trade minister Jackie trad promises to consider the concerns about the China free trade agreement with the Australian federal government.The electrical trades union was concerned about the deal says it a ‘secretive deal’ that removes China from the list of nations that skill test are mandatory to acquire ...

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Australia's two new immigration programs to attract foreign investors July 21, 2015
Australia investment programs for immigration

Australian government with renewed energy after the success of its significant investor program (SIV) program is now started a new program called premium investor visa (PIV) program to attract foreign investors by offering an immigration to Australia .From July 1, 2015, the government new program premium inve...

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Australia new visa programme to attract American investors July 13, 2015
Latest visa programme by Australia for America investors

Australia after the success of its visa programme to attract the wealthy Chinese investors promising the residence, is now eyeing rich Americans to bring investment to the country.The premium investment visa programme launched earlier in this month requires the participants to invest a$15 million or $11.57 million in...

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Chinese to benefit from Australia's work and holiday program July 09, 2015
Australia's work and visa holiday program to benefit young Chinese

The work and holiday visa program of Australia, which allows 5000 young Chinese to come and visit Australia to a working holiday, proves to become more popular as more number of Chinese are showing enthusiasm to participate in the program.Since this program has been already announced, but the implementation is yet be d...

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