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Tourism Australia and Visa Inc joins hands to boost tourism in the region September 03, 2015
Tourism Australia and Visa Inc joins hands to boost tourism in the region

In order to boost the tourism sector, the Tourism Australia has joined hands with Visa Inc in a three years joint venture. Decided to run a campaign called ‘Visa Cross Border (#notatourist)’, showcasing why Australia is the best place to visit. Their main focus would be to increase the total number of foreigners th...

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Australia DIBP canceled illegal student visas September 02, 2015
Australia department of immigration and border protection canceled illegal student visas

The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) authorities has cancelled 10,949 illegal student visas in the year that ends with June, which is an increase compared to 8018 visa from the same duration of last year.These new figures are released when the government is in the final touch to strea...

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Australia 457 temporary visas granted has decreased August 31, 2015
Number of Australia's 457 temporary visa grants have fallen

Amid the controversy and protests by electrical trades union on the issue of 457 visa being issued to Chinese without mandatory skill test for eligibility of 457 visa, the newly released official figures on 457 visa has added new dimension to the controversy.As the Australia government on continuous denial of the claim...

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Overseas students in Australia registered an increase August 29, 2015
Overseas students in Australia registered an increase in growth

According to the latest available data shows that more number of students are attracted to study in the Australia as 25 percent of total enrolled students in Australia are from the overseas.In 2014, about 1.37 million students full time or part time has enrolled representing a growth rate of 4.5 percent compared to the...

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Australia canceled the visa operation check following the outrage August 29, 2015
Australia border force cancels the visa background check after the outrage

A major operation that was planned to spot check the people visas in Melbourne had canceled after the spurt of mass protests and outrage that Australia is increasingly becoming a police state.The protests were followed after the Australia Border Force had announced that they would conduct a background visa check in a j...

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Australian Border police to conduct visa background check in Melbourne August 28, 2015
Australia border police to check visa background in Melbourne

The Australian immigration authorities have announced to conduct a checking on background visa information in the Melbourne city center with conjunction to transport authorities and the state police.The border police that previously known as department of immigration and border protection warned that they have to know ...

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Australian visas will have no labels from next month August 26, 2015
Australian visa labels to end from next month

Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) of Australia announces that labels on Australian visa will not be issued from 1 Sep, 2015 in order to encourage the digital service and to streamline the visa processing.DIBP says the practice to attain visa labels have often caused unnecessary expenses, inconvenie...

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Australians concern on skill requirements of 457 skilled visas August 24, 2015
Australians express concern on skill requirements of 457 skilled visa worker

Although the Chinese net investment in Australia is very vital for its economic growth, in recent times the concerns are being raised out on the number of visas that are granted to Chinese workers.The recent trade union movement protests on this issue, as this will decrease the opportunities for the Australian skilled ...

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