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Denmark has reclaimed its position as the world's happiest nation March 18, 2016
Denmark has reclaimed its place as the world's happiest country

Denmark has reclaimed its position as the world’s happiest nation. This was mentioned as per the reports from fourth World Happiness that was revealed.Denmark tops the list in the initial report in the year 2012 and 2013. But last year it was replaced by Switzerland but Denmark was back at the first position. The o...

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DI tells polls that Denmark needs foreigners June 11, 2015
Need of foreigners in Denmark, DI tells polls

As there are still ten days to go for the Denmark’s election campaign, the main issue which will be controlling the role of internationals in the workforce of Danish.The parties which are leading such as the social democrats and Venstre argue on the number of jobs created have gone to internationals through Danes d...

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Denmark new reforms to international recruitment July 12, 2014
Denmark new changes to international recruitment

Denmark government along with the opposition party leaders have achieved political agreement to improve the nations international recruitment policy, which will facilitate the county’s enterprises to have easy access to highly qualified professionals outside the region of European Union(EU) or European Economic area(...

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Danish government launches new plans to attract skilled individuals from non-European countries April 18, 2014
Denmark implements new strategies to draw the attention of non-Europeans

The Denmark government has announced a new campaign in order to recruit and retain well educated and skilled individuals from non-European countries.The new plan includes tax perks, a fast-track employment system and simplified immigration.The plans were announced by the government officials namely Morten Ostergaar...

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Denmark authorities are set to close six asylum centers February 26, 2014
Denmark authorities are set to close six asylum centers

Some of the asylum centers are set to be closed in Denmark after authorities disclosed that applications for asylum seekers are being processed faster now and asylum seekers who were (or, have been) rejected are about to leave the country voluntarily.At present, there are about 5,300 asylum seekers living in the ...

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Denmark's 'Red Carpet Program' for businesses February 24, 2014
Denmark's 'Red Carpet Program' for businesses

Denmark has introduced a ‘fast track business visa program’ for business persons visiting Denmark. Titled the ‘Red Carpet Program’, it offers greatly simplified procedures for getting Danish Schengen visa. This is for those applicants who travel frequently to Denmark for the purposes of business. ...

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New legislation pertaining to "residence permit" after the death of a spouse February 17, 2014
New legislation pertaining to 'residence permit' after the death of a spouse

The Danish parliament has voted for a new legislation that will make sure (or, ensure that) a foreign national’s spouse residing in Denmark does not lose his/her permit to reside, if his/her partner or spouse living in Denmark expires. The foreign national’s spouse or partner to be allowed to stay in Denmar...

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The Royal Danish Embassy in New Delhi is introducing accreditation for travel agents February 14, 2014
The Royal Danish Embassy in New Delhi is introducing accreditation for travel agents

In an attempt to improve the processes involved in the visa application mechanism, the Royal Danish Embassy in New Delhi is keen on and has decided upon a new and obligatory mechanism wherein travel agencies would have to receive formal recognition and permission in the form of ‘accreditation’ for themselves.Th...

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