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Hong Kong is witnessing increase in number of tourists May 02, 2016
Hong Kong is witnessing increase in number of tourists

Number of tourists visiting Hong Kong has been increased with around 2,54,000 visitors in the country with an increase of 9%.According to the Immigration Department, the current golden week holiday has witnessed strong development in the number of tourists visiting the city. As the number of travelers has increased to ...

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Why should you settle in Hong Kong? December 28, 2015
Why should you settle in Hong Kong?

As I sit down to write this article, the first thing that comes to my mind is “Why Hong Kong”? Why would anyone want to settle down for a Country like Hong Kong rather than going to Countries like Canada or Australia or for that matter Denmark, which are supposed to be THE Countries to settle in as a migrant? Let...

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Hong Kong seeks foreign talent as its working population shrinks September 22, 2015
Hong Kong to seek foreign talent as its working population is shrinking

The Government of Hong Kong is increasing its efforts to attract foreign talent, including the mainland China’s professionals, as working population of the city is supposed to get shrink in the year 2018.The Immigration Director, Chan Kwok-ki said that the government is going to relax the visa rules for overseas and ...

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Hong Kong doubles the working visa quota for Irish nationals September 19, 2015
Hong Kong doubles the quota of working visa for Irish people

The government of Hong Kong has agreed and decided to double the number of work visas for the citizens of Ireland from next year on wards.With this announcement, a total number of eligible people for the scheme of working holiday of Hong Kong and Ireland will increase to 200 from March next year.This joint measure is t...

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Hong Kong Drops plan to scrap visa free entry to Indians June 22, 2015
Hong Kong government has dropped the scrap visa free facility in India

After the representation for businesses and tourism from Indian officials as a move could be seriously jeopardized, the governments of Hong Kong drops plan to scrap visa free entry for Indians. Scrapping programme for Indians was considering the former British colony to curb number of asylum seekers which is said by th...

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Hong Kong Agreement to double 2015 Quotas with the French Government May 22, 2015
Hong Kong agreed with French for working holiday scheme to double 2015 quotes

Under the scheme from 200 to 400, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government has agreed with the French government to increase the 2015 quota with the view by Working Holiday Scheme (WHS) of enthusiastic response to Hong Kong or France.The secretary of labour and welfare of Hong Kong Mr. Matthew Che...

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Hong Kong to roll out pilot scheme for luring talent April 29, 2015
Hong Kong introduces pilot scheme to lure talent

The Hong Kong immigration department rolls out a new talent admission pilot proposal for second-generation Hongkongers on 04 May 2015, along with the improved versions of numerous programs that are presently in place to attract overseas nationals.Individuals whose age is in between 18 and 24 and who are presently resid...

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Hong Kong visa is essential for the nationals of the Republic of Yemen September 24, 2014
Hong Kong visa is essential for the nationals of the Republic of Yemen

The Department of Immigration has announced on September 22 that the nationals of the Republic of Yemen need to attain a visa to enter Hong Kong, including the transit passengers from September 29th.In the present scenario, the nationals of the Republic of Yemen can visit Hong Kong through visa-free program for a stay ...

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