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Indians receive 86 percent of total H-1B visas in the US August 13, 2015
Indians are granted 86 percent of total H-1B visa

According to the new data, about 86 percent of the overall H-1B worker visas granted to computer related jobs in 2014 were used to hire the computer and IT related professionals from India.This makes the India receives lion share among the recipients of H-1B visas, China which is the third largest immigrant source to t...

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Dubai visa now requires medical insurance August 12, 2015
Dubai visa makes medical insurance mandatory

The earlier announced Dubai Health Authority (DHA) mandatory health insurance scheme is now confirmed to be into effect.Residents that are applying for the new visa or renewal must now be able to validate that they have covered under the medical insurance, unless they were not part of the last phase that has a deadline...

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US Proposed EB-6 program would offer a green card to Indians August 12, 2015
Indians can get a green card through proposed US EB-6 visa program

Democrats in the United States House of Representatives are to propose a new visa for the immigrants whom are to be categorized under EB-6 visa, as to receive a significant venture capital and funding for the businesses or otherwise to establish businesses that creates the jobs in USA.It is to be known that legislati...

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Quebec skilled worker program lowered the pass mark August 11, 2015
Quebec skilled worker program pass mark got decreased

Quebec provincial government has decreased the pass mark to qualify under its popular skilled worker program, which comes into effect on or before 1st October 2015, as Quebec government planned to receive about 6300 applications during the period 2015-2016.The Quebec program offers more than 75 eligible occupations...

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US survey shows increased preference for immigration August 11, 2015
US preference to immigration increased in the survey

According to Gallup study on immigration in United States, about 25% of the people prefers for more immigration to the country that is more than a double of 12 percent in the survey conducted in June 2002 .Among the other results, 40 percent of the people say that immigration levels must remain at its current level, bu...

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Thailand multi entry visa to receive more Chinese and Indians August 11, 2015
Thailand multi entry visa will attract more numbers of Chinese and Indians

After the multi-entry visa announcement by the Thailand government, it is expected that more number of travelers from India and China are to visit the country, said kob karn watanawarangkura of tourism and sports ministry on Monday.This multiple entry visa allows travelers to visit Thailand as many times within a perio...

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Majority of Britain people wanted to move abroad August 10, 2015
Majority Britain residents wanted to move abroad

According to the new conducted by the de Vere group, around two third of the British people who are under 40 years of age consider quitting united kingdom and find a new life in foreign country.About 65 percent of those who participated in the poll said they were seriously considering moving overseas. And also that 22 ...

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Immigration decline fears Australia economic growth August 10, 2015
Lower immigration could stunt Australia economic growth

The International travel figures that were released at during the same time of reserve bank of Australia quarterly report shows that the potential economy growth rate has been lessened due the slow pace of population growth.As the figures shows that a total of 45,060 travelers have arrived for a long term or the perm...

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