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Spain to boost its golden visa scheme to attract foreign investment August 27, 2015
Spain to boost its golden visa scheme to attract foreign investment

The government of Spain is looking to amend its golden visa scheme to draw more wealthy investors into the country. The regulation for golden visa scheme allows the potential migrants outside of European Union to invest in the properties and assets in Spain.The programme initiated in 2013 is a copy of different schemes...

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APEC travel card for business travelers to extend for five years August 27, 2015
APEC travel card for business travelers to extend for five years

From September 1, 2015 onwards, Business travelers that are applying for new APEC business travel card will get a boost with a validity of five years from the present three years visa period.APEC cards in general benefits the business travelers who want to avoid the country’s usual requirements and it also provide ...

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ASEAN common single visa for Indians under consideration August 27, 2015
ASEAN common single visa for Indians in consideration

The ASEAN counties tourism boards are considering an idea of introducing a single and common visa in order to boost the travels from India.From very long South East Asia region has always been most attractive destinations for India, and also India has been on the list of top ten sources for tourists flowing to the regi...

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Britain foreign-born population reaches to 8 million August 26, 2015
UK foreign-born populations reaches 8 million

The foreign-born population in the UK has been rising as it reached about eight million as per the official figures of migration observatory provided in this week.The official figures published last week by the migration observatory at the University of Oxford said the eight million figure was reached in the last year....

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Turkey to enforce visa requirements for Libyans August 26, 2015
Turkey to introduce visa requirement for the Libyan nationals

Libyan officials on Tuesday said, turkey is going to introduce new visa requirements for the Libyans. If this to be in effect, Libya would be further pushed into isolation, as Turkey remained one of the very few countries that allow Libyans without a visa.Turkey has been a major tourist holiday destination for Libya ...

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Australian visas will have no labels from next month August 26, 2015
Australian visa labels to end from next month

Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) of Australia announces that labels on Australian visa will not be issued from 1 Sep, 2015 in order to encourage the digital service and to streamline the visa processing.DIBP says the practice to attain visa labels have often caused unnecessary expenses, inconvenie...

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UK to crackdown on illegal immigrant workers August 25, 2015
UK immigration bill to crackdown on illegal immigrants

UK to enforce a new law that illegal immigrants working in Britain and Wales will have to face jail for up to 6 months, the proposal to include in the coming immigration bill to be introduced in parliament this year.The bill will also have the measures against the restaurant outlets and off-licenses, if found they have...

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Kenyans will be eligible for five-year US visa from September August 25, 2015
Kenyans to be granted five years US visa from September

The US embassy in Nairobi on Thursday had announced that Kenyans on non-immigrant visa will be allowed to get a multi-entry visa for a period of five years for businessmen and tourists from the month of September.The announcement followed after the deal was made between Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta and US pres...

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